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Born 20 February 1964 in Stordal, Norway.
I graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Oslo, Institute of Metal Art where I was awarded my diploma in the summer of 1989.

I work with art for exhibitions and public spaces. The materials I use are generally steel, brass, copper, silver and wood. The goal of my work varies between relevant aesthetic, communicative and functional criteria where I attach importance to the utility aspect and more abstract formal aspects, depending on the circumstances. Public commissions and assignments from churches have been important fields for my work. In this context my focus is on form, design, identification and expression, and understanding the art together with liturgy, space and architecture.

An important aspect for me is the quality of the craftsmanship I put into my work, where I pay special attention to the substance qualities of the materials I use and their inherent colours and character. In a technical sense, several of my works are precision-oriented and time-consuming to make. In the final phase where I add patina and several heat colourings, intuition and spontaneity are vital motivating forces in contrast to motifs and composition.

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