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1.Menneske-stol, 2013, 730 x 93 x 8o cm, cortenstål og syrefast stål

This project was developed for an innovation competition initiated by Sykkylven Local Authority, where the theme was “Skaparglede” [Joy in Creating]. The sculpture “Menneske – stol” is envisioned as a symbol of the joy of creating and the development of the local community of Sykkylven, where the furniture trade has been a keystone industry for many decades. History is represented in the column with the patinated, earth-coloured cortén steel. The column expresses timelessness and also respect for everything created by the generations before us. At the same time, this material is used innovatively by architects and artists today, thus pointing towards the future. As a clear contrast to the patinated column, the shiny steel figure on the top can express optimism and belief in the future, thus serving as a visible encouragement and reminder to the local community to create its own future.

3.Menneske-stol, 2013, 730 x 93 x 8o cm, cortenstål og syrefast stål

Menneskestol mot kyrkja